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Are you interested in learning how to earn money by attracting new users to the Binomo trading platform? Then, you should pay attention to the Binomo referral program. By attracting new traders to the platform through your referral link, you can receive up to 90% of Binomo commissions. The more users you refer, the higher your income will be. In this detailed article, we will look at how the Binomo affiliate program works, how much you can earn by referring new users, and how to increase your income from the referral program.

What is the Binomo referral program?

The Binomo referral program rewards clients for attracting new traders to the trading platform. As soon as you register with a Binomo affiliate, you automatically join the referral program.

You will be given a unique referral code and link to distribute to your friends, acquaintances, and subscribers. When someone follows your referral link or enters your referral code during registration, they will automatically become your referral. Once your referral starts trading on a live account, you will receive a percentage of their deposit as a reward.

The more referrals you attract and the more actively they trade, the higher your referral income will be. Remuneration is paid weekly directly to your balance. You can withdraw funds in any way convenient for you.

How to earn from Binomo referrals?

To earn money from the Binomo affiliate program, you need to attract new traders to the platform. You will receive a reward for each attracted trader who opens a real account and makes at least one trade.

How does the program work?

  1. Register as a Binomo affiliate. It is free of charge and will take no more than 5 minutes. You will be given a unique referral code, which you will provide to new traders.
  2. Post your referral link on your website, blog, YouTube channel, or social media channels. The more people see your link, the better your chance of attracting new users.
  3. When a new trader follows your referral link, registers on Binomo, and makes the first trade, you will receive a commission on your balance. You will receive a percentage of the trade amount for each subsequent trade.
  4. You can track your invitations, referrals, trades, and earnings in the “Statistics” section. The Binomo referral program pays out rewards weekly.

The Binomo affiliate program is a great way to monetize your website or channel and earn extra income. By attracting new traders, you help them open access to a reliable trading platform.

Benefits of the Binomo referral program

As a member of the Binomo affiliate program, you get a lot of benefits.

Remuneration from the activities of your referrals

You earn a percentage of your referrals’ profits from trading on the Binomo platform. The higher the status of your referral, the higher the percentage you receive. 

Enhancing your own status

Depending on the activity of your referrals, you can increase your own status, which gives you additional benefits. The higher your status, the higher the percentage of your referrals trading.

Bonuses and contests

The Binomo referral program constantly holds various contests, participating in which you can get additional rewards.

How to attract referrals to Binomo?

To increase the number of referrals at Binomo, you need to put in some effort. Here are some tips that will help you in attracting new clients:

Share your personal experience of working with Binomo. Tell your friends, acquaintances, and subscribers about how you started earning money from online trading, what strategies you use, and how much income you earn. Your personal example is one of the most effective ways of motivation.

Use social networks. Create public accounts on Facebook and Instagram, where you will share useful information about trading, answer subscribers’ questions, and talk about your experience with Binomo. This will allow you to attract the attention of your target audience.

Create educational materials. Write detailed instructions, create videos, or start your blog to share strategies and tips for beginner traders. This way, you will be able to attract those who are just starting their way in Binomo and need help.

Frequently asked questions about the Binomo referral program

If you have questions regarding the Binomo referral program, here are some frequently asked questions with answers:

How can I become a Binomo partner?

To become a Binomo affiliate, you must register on the Affiliate Top website, fill out an application form, and send an application. After reviewing your application, Binomo referral program specialists will contact you.

What are the conditions for receiving the reward?

To be rewarded under the Binomo referral program, you must attract new clients who will open real trading accounts and trade on the platform.

How is the amount of remuneration calculated?

The amount of remuneration depends on the trading volume of your referrals. The higher the volume, the higher the percentage of remuneration. The maximum reward can reach 90% of the commissions paid by your Binomo referrals. Remuneration is accrued every week.

How do I track statistics on referrals?

You can track statistics on your referrals in your personal account. Here, you will see the number of attracted referrals to Binomo and their deposits.


You are fully prepared to utilize Binomo’s lucrative referral rewards program. You can earn extra money and increase your income by attracting new traders. You have the necessary tools and knowledge to invite subscribers and successfully conduct promotions on social networks. Remember that the more active you attract new users, the higher your income will be. Don’t miss this opportunity, and start building your referral network today. Success to you and high profits!

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